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Meet Bernadette -  the author and inspiration behind NaturesFurryFriends.com


In 3 John: 2, God tells us, "Beloved, I wish above all things that thou mayest prosper and be in health, even as thy soul prospereth."  Banking on these words, I have always tried to give my family & myself the best I possibly can when it comes to our health and my limited knowledge of it.  We can't very well serve God & others if our bodies are in poor condition. 

Our (4) Furry Friends, 3 dogs & 1 cat are part of our family too & I feel the same about them.  I want them to live a long & healthy, pain free life.  They are the Inspiration for Nature's Furry Friends.com. as well as my 2 sons, Bryan who brought Pepper home as a puppy 12 years ago & left Pita, his faithful over-the-road companion with me 2 years ago when I was recovering from a brain aneurysm.  Pita is about 18 years old.  Bryan, who was an over-the-road driver, has the softest, tenderest heart for animals of anyone out there.  And Pene who will be 10 years old in November  is our little transplant from California.  My former husband who died in 2009 was also an over-the-road driver & brought her as a puppy to ride with him but when she came into the house here in FL, she wanted nothing more to do with the road.  She found her love & wanted to keep it.  We adopted Nike, as my youngest son Donald calls her, or Fefe as my oldest son Barry named her when the woman next door moved & left her behind.  She often brings us little treasures like small snakes, mice, & even baby bats.  I have no idea where she catches these critters.  Donald works for a veterinarian who thinks the world of him & will have no one else taking care of his clients animals.  My son serenades & does concerts, animal style of course, for all of the boarding animals at his place of business.  Donald has been with Dr. McAllister now for 7 years & is so faithful & devoted to these animals.  His love for animals is unflinching.  It's no surprise that he stays where he is & was for 13 years before with Dr. Pearl who also thought the world of Donald but moved his practice to TN.     

My son, Bryan, while he was still home, used to tells us when we went to the store and asked him what kind of cereal he wanted, would say, "Anything that has cartoon characters on it is fine.  If it has cartoon characters, I'll eat it."  And he always did.  This website is dedicated to all of my kids & especially my Furry Friends who always have & always will hold a special place in my heart.  And I know that Bryan (Tony) will love it.  

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