Black Cohosh Benefits for Dogs and Cats

Pain relief is just one of the black cohosh benefits for dog and cats.  In fact, there are several benefits of this great herb for pets.

Healthy Cat

No one wants to think about their pet being in agony. Unfortunately, our pets experience medical conditions which can cause pain to flare up. In order to address these concerns, the vet may prescribe narcotic pain medicine for your pet that does more harm than good.

An alternative choice is black cohosh. This powerful herb has the ability to reduce inflammation and swelling in the body. This naturally treats the painful symptoms associated with many diseases and this can provide them with long lasting relief, especially as it builds up in their body. In fact, like most naturopathic solutions, the medications that build in the system of your pet will allow for longer periods of respite from the pain that they experience.

Long-Term Black Cohosh Benefits

This means their osteoporosis, arthritis and even neurological conditions will find relief. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t consult with a vet and determine what else you can do for them. Instead, you can use this in conjunction with other positive treatment methods to ensure that your pet has the best care that is available to them.

Lower blood pressure and increased vitality in the animal are also possible. As dogs get older, this herb has the potential to help bring back some of the spunk they had when they were younger. This can range from increased energy to better mobility, thanks to a reduction in the amount of pain that they feel.

With long term use in your pet, you’ll begin to notice a change in how they act. The University of Michigan did a study and found that there was a positive impact on the bone mineral density in the animals that received the medication for a significant period of time. Animals also experienced a boost when they had depression and that was a positive effect for pet owners who struggled with depression in their beloved pet.

Black Cohosh Breeding Benefits

There are also some studies that suggest black cohosh can increase the chances of breeding between animals. While this substance is likely safe during this time, it does need to be stopped once the female animal becomes pregnant. Continued use can spread the herb to a little that is too small for the doses and in some cases, higher doses can also lead to a miscarriage of the litter.

Animals who are going through heat can also be provided with this herbal supplement. Research suggests that the supplement has the potential to reduce the side effects associated with it, such as the pain the female dog or cat might experience. There is also a potential for less bleeding and other concerns that pet owners deal with when their female animals are in heat.

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