Chlorophyll Supplements – Benefits and Uses for Your Pet

What is chlorophyll and why is it so important as chlorophyll supplements? It can be a great benefit for your pet.

Chlorophyll Supplements

Chlorophyll is created by plants during the photosynthesis. Chlorophyll gives plants their green color. Green vegetables are highly nutritious and in part due to the presence of chlorophyll. This is why it is vital to include green vegetables in a healthy diet plan for your pet.

Chlorophyll is a potent substance that helps to promote healing in nature. It contributes to keeping plants healthy and thrive to give us great food choices. In the animal’s body, it helps to promote healing of just about anything that ails our pets.

Benefits of Chlorophyll Supplements:

Healthy Antioxidants

Chlorophyll is fat soluble and just like the green plants we consume, contains high levels of anti-oxidants such as vitamin A (beta-carotene and vitamin E and K. Other nutrients vital to a healthy body also contain in chlorophyll such as potassium, magnesium, and essential fatty acids.

Vitamin K

Vitamin K, a beneficial nutrient aiding with clotting issues, enables chlorophyll to help animals with conditions where bleeding may occur. It helps in dealing with the cardiovascular problems and in aiding the circulatory system. It can be a great supplement for any condition that causes frequent hemorrhaging or bleeding. It is also useful for the treatment of phlebitis and varicose veins.

Balance the Sex Hormones

Unbalanced hormones plague animals just like it can humans. This can result in a host of issues from affecting our pet’s moods to fatigue to weight gain (or loss). Vitamin E has long been a supplement that helps to balance the hormones by stimulating the production of certain sex hormones (estrogen for females and testosterone for males.) Chlorophyll contains high levels of vitamin E and to this end taking a supplement of it helps to balance the sex hormones, even in pets.

Reduces Inflammation

Inflammation of the digestive tract aggravates many pets who suffer from various digestive ailments which can cause diarrhea or constipation. Chlorophyll helps to heal the digestive tract by promoting healthy mucous membranes in the intestines. Help to maintain a healthy digestive tract with chlorophyll supplements.

Pain Relief

When a cell is injured, a toxic substance is released which causes the pain in the area. Chlorophyll helps by taking the place of analgesics as a natural pain reliever. Unlike analgesics, chlorophyll does not harm the liver.

Helps Build Healthy Blood

Building a higher blood count helps the body to thrive because more blood means the nutrients in the body can go where needed to help heal and stay healthy. If a pet suffers from anemia, the first line of action is to give iron. Iron supplements can be dangerous if taking too much so iron supplementation must be monitored closely. However, chlorophyll helps the body to build red blood cells. This occurs because the chlorophyll molecule greatly and closely resembles a hemoglobin molecule. It makes sense to supplement with chlorophyll if anemia is present or if there is a lack of red blood cells.

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