Garlic Supplement Benefits for Your Pet

Garlic supplement benefits may surprise you. Garlic is a tasty bulb that does way more than flavor our foods. Garlic has far-reaching health benefits for both humans and animals, so much so it would be beneficial to take a supplement of garlic daily if you or your pet are not eating it in your food already.

Garlic Supplement Benefits

Onions and garlic are in the same plant family, the lily family, as all are bulbs. Vets have advised people not to give onions to their dogs due to the possible damage that can happen to the red blood cells. A compound called n-propyl disulfide can cause “oxidative damage” to the red blood cells. The caveat is the animal must consume large amounts of onion for this to occur. This has truth in it if the dog ingests large quantities of onions, more than they would eat at once. The animal would need to consume over .5 percent of its weight on a daily basis for this damage to occur. While this is a remote risk garlic contains less of the “n-propyl disulfide” which is the compound that causes issues. The health benefits of garlic to a pet far outweigh the dangers of this foreign substance.

Recommended Reading about the Garlic Supplement Benefits

It is recommended by Dr. Martin Goldstein, author of “The Nature of Animal Healing,” to add garlic to the pet’s diet. A dog is safe to consume around 1/8 teaspoon per pound of dog food around four times a week. Cats also benefit from garlic but need it in fewer amounts. Watch for digestive issues such as an upset stomach which would indicate too much garlic. If feeding by the clove keep it at ¼ clove per day.

External and Internal Benefits of Garlic

The health benefits of garlic in pets include helping with the digestive system by helping to discard parasites both internally and externally. This is good since pets seem more susceptible to parasitic both internally (worms) and externally (mange.) Garlic has properties that help in boosting the immune system. A regular supplementation of garlic will assist the animal stay healthy and fight off infections. Garlic has long helped humans with lowering bad cholesterol levels so it is helpful in pets.  A regular supplementation of garlic will assist them to maintain healthy cholesterol levels. Garlic is considered a “heart tonic” and taking it contributes to promoting a healthy cardiovascular system. All of these health conditions are helped by taking small amounts of garlic.

One of the plagues that bother animals, in particular, dogs and cats are fleas. Using a combination of garlic with brewer’s yeast tablets will help to keep the fleas off the pets.

Never overdose a pet with garlic. Too much is not okay. Use common sense and keep all things in moderation. Start with minute amounts and see how your pet responds. Increase the dose to the recommended level to see if the pet can take the garlic with no adverse side-effects. The only time a pet should not take garlic is if they suffer from an anemic condition or if it causes digestive issues.

Important Note:

Puppies under 8 weeks of age should also not be given garlic, as they do not begin reproducing new blood cells until after 6-8 weeks of age.  Cats are more sensitive to dogs, so if you have feline don't let them eat from dog's food bowl.

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