Natural Antiviral Options for Your Pets

Did you know that natural antiviral options can work for your pets just like they work for you?  In fact, natural antivirals work great for your furry friends too.

Honey is a Natural Antiviral!

The very thought of our pets suffering from any illness is enough to break one’s heart. Unfortunately there are countless illnesses and diseases our pets can face. When they do become sick, it can be a natural choice to seek pharmaceutical treatments from your pet’s vet. But what if you could address these health concerns with an all-natural alternative.

The truth is there are several antivirals that are available that you can give your pet to help combat disease. While some of these are available, it is important that you pay close attention to the appropriate dosages for them. Too often, people use dosages that they find online and assume the best. Your vet can help better guide you with the appropriate dosage for your individual pet based on weight.

Top Natural Antiviral Options:

Colloidal silver is perhaps one of the oldest antiviral naturopathic treatments around. This silver is a suspension of both silver particles and a colloidal base. The belief is the silver can help to break down viruses, parasites, and even fungal spores. The result is a boost to the immune system when used properly. This approach is safe because no organism has built a resistance to silver and the Syracuse University and UCLA School of Medicine have proven the effectiveness of this substance. Keep in mind that this substance should only be delivered by the drop.

Another exceptional option for your pet is oil of oregano. This substance has long been used with livestock and poultry to help reduce the spread of disease. Best of all, it is perfectly safe for your pet. Simply add a few drops into their food or water and they will benefit from all the health benefits it offers. Like silver, it will also fight bacteria, parasites and fungal infections. That makes it an all-around exceptional choice for you to consider.

One other choice you’ll have is Manuka honey. This powerful honey comes from New Zealand and is produced by local bees from the tea tree. Known for being highly effective against bacterial super infections like MRSA, this honey has also been proven to be useful when used against other ailments in the body.

Vets appreciate the fact it can be placed on both the exterior and interior of your pet, without there being any concern of them licking the substance. That makes it a great choice for those who are unable to address some of the most common concerns with pets who frequently lick areas.

Using Natural Antivirals

Remember, your pet counts on you to help keep them safe and healthy at all times. Take a proactive approach and explore a natural selection of products that can help them to fight viral infections. Just make sure you speak with your vet in advance, as each pet is unique and you’ll want to ensure that you are properly addressing their needs.

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