My MaxMeat Natural Dog Food Diet Review

MaxMeat is real food for healthy dogs.  It is the natural dog food diet that I feed my four-legged friends.  Know why?

In the past, I have spent a lot of time obsessing about what my dogs ate. Just as any parent is concerned with the quality of food that they feed their children, I wanted to know that my dogs were eating nutrient-rich foods that would support their muscles and joints while potentially extending their healthy, active lives. I thought researching dog food would make me feel better about what I dropped in their bowls each day, but what I discovered only alarmed me more.

Most Commercial Dog Foods:

Here are just some of the realities that I discovered about most commercial dog foods sold today:

  • Most dog foods contain generic terms in their ingredient list, including animal fat or meat byproduct meal. These terms typically refer to protein and fat taken from dead animals, and that may include dead shelter animals, rats and road kill. This rendered meat product is often laced with toxins.
  • Dry dog food is processed at such high heat that most of the nutrients are destroyed in the process.
  • Dog foods contain a lot of preservatives, and we’re not talking about natural ones.
  • Instead of starting with real meat and vegetables, the star in most commercial dog foods is wheat gluten or corn.

It wasn’t until I discovered MaxMeat dog food from Only Natural that I was able to fully relax. This is different from your typical dry food because it looks more like beef jerky than kibble, but the differences aren’t limited to the appearance of the food. It’s the quality of ingredients that will keep my dogs healthy for many years to come.

A MaxMeat Natural Dog Food Diet is Real Food!

MaxMeat Natural Dog Food Diet

MaxMeat dog food is 90 percent real meat. Look at the label of most dog foods at your local supermarket and you’ll see that some, if not all, are based primarily on cheap fillers like wheat or corn. Only Natural is an all natural dog food diet uses a variety of free-range meats that will provide a higher quality of protein, fat, vitamins and minerals for my dogs. This gives them more energy and is far better for supporting their joints and muscles.

What’s in the remaining 10 percent of my MaxMeat food? The ingredients vary depending on which food you buy, but it contains natural ingredients that are healthy for dogs. For instance, the Beef with Pumpkin and Parsley contains pumpkin to help with digestive health.

What I can guarantee you is that these foods don’t include any of the following:

  • Grain
  • Preservatives
  • Sugar
  • Artificial colors
  • Other cheap fillers

MaxMeat natural dog food diet foods are also fortified with additional vitamins and minerals, taking the nutritional value to another level.

Air Dried to Preserve Nutrients

I mentioned earlier that dry commercial dog foods are processed with such intense heat that a lot of the nutrients are destroyed in the process, but that doesn’t happen with MaxMeat dog food. It has a beef jerky texture because the meat is air dried instead of being cooked at high temperatures. The nutrients are preserved, so I actually get what I pay for with this food.

Still Complete & Balanced

MaxMeat Natural Dog Food Facts

Have you noticed that a lot of cheap dog foods use the words “complete” and “balanced” on their labels? They want us to feel like we’re giving our dogs a complete, wholesome meal, but those words really only mean that the foods meet bare minimum guidelines set in place for dog food manufacturers. What manufacturers think is healthy for our dogs is a far cry from what I would consider healthy for my dogs, and I know that you would agree.

MaxMeat dog foods have the ingredients needed to truly deliver a balanced and complete meal, and they even make great treats. If you’re tired of stressing over what your dogs are eating but don’t have time to make fresh meals for them each day, I urge you to end the drama by trying MaxMeat foods. They even make cat food!

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