Natural Energy Supplements for Pregnant or Nursing Pets

Natural energy supplements work well for dog or cats who need extra calories or energy because they are expecting a litter or nursing them.

Natural Energy Supplements for Happy Bunnies

For some cats and dogs, it’s all about getting an energy boost. This is where energy supplements step in. Energy supplement doesn’t refer to something like the energy drinks humans consume. These are usually specialized nutritional supplements created for the needs of cats and dogs that have recently given birth and are nursing.

Why Supplementation is Needed?

A kitten or puppy momma needs all of the help that she can get. Taking care of babies is far from an easy task and it can be physically draining on a female pet. A cat or dog wouldn’t eat during labor. Thus, proper energy supplementation can be very beneficial.

In addition, female cats and dogs that are lactating lose lots of nutrients that go in their milk to nourish the babies. Without proper supplementation, the mothers are going to be lifeless and nutrient deficient.

The selection of the right supplements will be determining for the wellbeing of both mom and babies. This is why the task shouldn’t be taken lightly. It’s all about doing a bit of research, understanding which nutrients a mom needs and which supplements are the best source.

What Should Natural Energy Supplements Contain?

Good natural energy supplements for pregnant and nursing dogs boost the number of calories and give the mom all of the energy that she needs to produce more milk and take care of her little ones.

Did you know that pregnant and nursing dogs have about four to eight times the energy needs of other canines? The same applies to pregnant cats. The best supplements should contain essential lipids, proteins, carbs, vitamins, calcium, folic acid and omega-3 fatty acids.

The supplement chosen should also be easy to digest. This means that mom’s body will absorb all of the important nutrients, producing an almost instantaneous energy boost. Several products on the market correspond to these prerequisites. Take some time to do your research and compare nutritional values side by side. That’s the only way to make sure that a supplement will do what it’s expected to.

The Impact on the Puppies and Kittens

Energy supplementation during pregnancy and after the birth of puppies and kittens will impact their wellbeing.

For a start, many of the nutrients that a dog or a cat is digesting during pregnancy can help for the formation of all the important systems and organs in the babies. The earlier you get started with proper nutrition and supplementation during pregnancy, the better.

In addition, supplements and foods that female dogs and cats eat while nursing affect the quality and the taste of the milk. According to researchers, food that has just been consumed can affect breast milk flavor for up to 10 hours.

The ingredients that supplements contain and their taste can either encourage nursing or keep the babies from getting all of the foods they need. Supplements that contain propylene glycol, for example, decrease the willingness of little ones to eat. Thus, it’s imperative to look for natural and high quality energy supplements that are free from synthetics or additives.

Have a chat with a pet nutrition expert or a vet to figure out what’s going to be most beneficial for your cat or dog. A professional knows how to evaluate nutritional needs and make the best possible suggestions.

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