Remembering Pita

July 1, 2001 - April 26, 2016


I don't know if the emptiness can ever be erased that I feel for Pita. It's amazing how such a little life can make such a big difference in a human being's existence.

I look at the chair beside me when I'm sitting at the computer. He used to be there resting or sleeping on his Lion King fleece blanket, but now it's empty. And when I sat in my bedroom chair to watch TV, he would climb in my lap & as I started to pet him, he would lay down & go to sleep. When I would start to read the paper he would sit right in the middle of it until I moved him so I could read it. Maybe he was trying to send me a message that I needed to spend all the time possible with him because his time was so limited.  He would eat on top of the doggie blanket on my bed.  After he ate, he would run over to the headboard & get his little yellow furry bear or chicken & start chewing on it.  I would grab it & throw it on the pillows.  He would run & get it & do this about 6 or  7 times.  Then he would lie down & go to sleep.  It seemed like the food he ate gave him a burst of energy. I had to make sure he ate every little morsel. I didn't want the other (2) to eat his food that I had cut up for him. I would cut it as fine as possible so that he could digest it because he didn't have any teeth to chew with. When he was through, he would go down his little steps & outside to take care of his doggie business & then come back in and either get back into my  lap or lay down beside me on his little Lion King blanket that I bought for him at Walmart.  It was as soft as he was.

If I was going somewhere during the day & wasn't going inside, I would take him with me for the ride. He used to ride with Tony in his tractor-trailer & I know he missed going bye-bye. When he saw that I was leaving the house, he would run up to me & scratch at my legs for me to pick him up & bring him with me. I always did if I wasn't leaving the car. If I couldn't bring him & had to leave him at home, it broke my heart to watch as I had to leave.

At night, he would climb up on his feather pillow next to me & lay his little head down & go to sleep.   I would cover him up with his Lion King blanket that he was laying on.  Pene would sleep in my chair with her blanket on. Around  2am he would  leave his place  on his pillow & come over & stretch out next to me on my fleece blanket or want to get underneath  it because  he was cold.

Sometimes when I would leave him sleeping on the chair to go to the bathroom, he would discover that I was gone & jump down to come find me & would sit right beside my feet on the bathroom rug & wait for me.

Yes, I have so many memories, and all of them with Pita are nothing but good except when I had to let him go to his final sleep. It was the most heartbreaking experience I have ever had.

I only hope that Tony, Pita's daddy, will take care of the health issues he has so that there isn't another loss of life. That would be too much for me to handle. It's hard enough losing a helpless little critter like Pita let alone one that you've brought into the world.

All that's left are memories and I'm constantly reminded of him.  The little collar he wore.  It was the smallest one they had & it was so big on him. It has a yellow & gray paw print design.  I love yellow.  So that was my choice for him.  His little picture  of him when he was a baby.   His fleece Lion King blanket.   The times when I would only be going from my bedroom to the office & how he would get so excited & start jumping on my legs as if I was going to take him for a ride in the car, but the little fella was contented just to be  going down the hall to the office & lay on the chair beside me.  And now there will be a little heart to hold his ashes, the only remains  he has on earth.

There is a domain, in his honor. It will be dedicated to all furry friends as well as all humans to keep them well as long as possible until Jesus comes to take us home with Him where there will be no more sadness, sorrow or suffering.  It just can't come soon enough.

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